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                                                 Photo by  John Keon Photography  Shoes by  Intentionally Blank

                                                Photo by John Keon Photography Shoes by Intentionally Blank

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Petits Bisous

by Erin and her Cello

this is erin. and her cello.


“Sounds like Blossom Dearie fronting They Might Be Giants” (The Philadelphia Enquirer) 

“…the standout of the night is clearly Erin and her Cello – an NYC babe with a spunky personality and crystal clear voice who can rock a cello like it’s a Stratocaster guitar.”—

Erin and Her Cello have been charming audiences with their quirky, vivacious, and undeniably unique (Strings Magazine) performances all over the east coast. From Joe's Pub to BAM, Rockwood Music Hall to World Café Live, this kooky songstress, her stringed soul mate-- and her incredible six member ensemble-- simply cannot be confined to one musical genre. Their latest album, “Petits Bisous” packs a delightful retro punch -- playfully melding 50’s/60’s doo wop, surf rock, jazz, funk, and french pop. In addition, the winner of Stand Up NY’s “Music is a Joke” contest, and darling of the downtown comedy scene, underscores every song with deft wit.  The trick is--you really do need to see Erin and her Cello LIVE. There is simply no act that marries great music and hilarious lyrics the way that Erin and her Cello do. All that--and you won't be able to stop smiling too.

"Erin is using her experiences and distinctive sense of humor to create a type of performance art that almost defies description." Anna Bengel,

“Erin is a hilarious chick with a sense of humor as finely tuned as her cello… she wields her bow with the same wit and saavy that a satirist wields his pen!”--Doug Wright, playwright, 2004 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Drama

“If you’ve never heard of Erin and Her Cello, you’re missing out on some of the funniest stuff out there. Seriously, I almost spit my beer out of my nose and onto my camera-- twice.” Chris Owyoung,